Smart Choice Financial Planning, Inc. is a Fee-Only, NAPFA member Registered Investment Advisory firm serving Chicagoland. We specialize in financial planning and re-engineering client portfolios for greater efficiency at a very affordable cost.  You don’t need to pay a fortune for the very best portfolio services.  As Fee-Only advisers, we work solely for you and are compensated only by you.  Because no products are sold and no commissions are ever received, all potential conflicts of interest are removed.  You are not expected to sign a long term contract and we do not charge a percentage of your assets under management.

Whether you require a one time review of your current investments, a once a year ‘tune-up’ on your financial plan and investment portfolio or need on-going portfolio monitoring and re-balancing, Smart Choice can work for you. We also offer second opinions if you aren’t sure or comfortable with something you are being offered at a broker or banker’s office.

Additional services include:


  1. Financial plans tailored to your needs
  2. Investment analysis and recommendations
  3. Portfolio monitoring and re-balancing
  4. Insurance and annuity reviews
  5. Estate planning reviews
  6. Low cost 401(k) plans for your business
  7. IRA planning

At Smart Choice Financial Planning, Inc. we work only for you, not a bank or brokerage firm.  As client fiduciaries, our mission is to do what is right for every client and strive to give every client all the information needed to make informed decisions for a brighter financial future.  Give us a call today at 219-682-7544 for a no obligation get acquainted meeting and get going on a Smarter financial future!