Fee and Investment Philosophy

Investing and investment advice is often too costly…and to what end?  Active management of your portfolio rarely adds value and often doesn’t cover the added cost of brokers, insurance agents and portfolio managers.  Folks often tell me they don’t mind paying high fees if they are making money too.  Does this make good sense?  A high fee is correlated to better returns much in the same way new golf clubs will put you on tour.   I get it that investors like to be catered to and there is a certain cachet in buying into a hedge fund or being wined and dined by a wealth management firm.  This strokes one’s ego for sure, but the end result of the courtship will mean very high fees and it certainly won’t make stocks rise any faster.  Choose Smart Choice if you want to avoid being sold products with retail mark-ups, upfront commissions and high annual percentage of assets management fees.  

Smart Choice Financial Planning offers you two ways to manage your investment portfolio; by the hour, if you prefer to do things yourself,  would like annual reviews or maybe have a specific planning project to accomplish, or if you prefer, a flat fee model called Portfolio Monitoring that is transparent, low cost and adds value to your portfolio each and every year.   Portfolio Monitoring is designed for investors that want the services of an adviser, but don’t want to pay the high Wall Street fees they may be subject to with their current adviser.  With the Smart Choice Portfolio Monitoring service you can find a fiduciary relationship with one-on-one attention to your financial situation.  This can save you thousands of dollars in fees each and every year compared to traditional financial services firms.  Smart Choice uses investment options that aren’t available through traditional retail channels so there are significant additional savings each year by paying lower internal investment costs.  You won’t find this approach through your broker or banker because they can not offer you investments that do not pay the house significant and often hidden fee income.  If you are paying for active management to beat the markets and you do not in any given year, what are you paying extra for?

The fee structure at Smart Choice is a great value, and is simple and transparent.  By the hour, for folks looking to do some planning or want to have their investments and/or insurance reviewed at a rate of $180 an hour, or a flat fee for the year, which is $2500 for planning and portfolio work on accounts valued up to $1.5 million dollars, with an additional $1500 for each million with a cap in place for large accounts.  Either way, Smart Choice delivers the best value for your portfolio, insurance and financial planning needs…period! 

Smart Choice Financial Planning offers you a fiduciary relationship, someone you can trust to pay attention to your portfolio while you pay attention to your busy life.  We build customized portfolios tailored to your needs.  Our goal as a firm is to grow, but remain a size that can stay attuned to your needs, your financial plan and your investments.  For the time being, we are accepting new clients.  Wondering if you could pay less and be more efficient with your investment or insurance portfolio?  Call us today for an evaluation…the answers may surprise you!