Investment advice is too costly… and to what end? Just because you may pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to a wealth management firm does not mean your stock portfolio will rise any faster. Wall Street does a fantastic job of marketing active management services to investors. Yes, people love to see the firm that holds their hard earned savings on television commercials during sporting events as it gives them a feeling of safety and comfort. The cost of those commercials adds up to an enormous sum and it has to be paid for by somebody. That somebody is you.

Smart Choice offers you investment portfolio allocation and monitoring for an annual flat fee. Hourly rates are available as well for project work or for those that want to do their own investing but may want a second opinion or some advice. We work only for you as no broker-dealer is involved selling products and you get a trusted, fiduciary relationship as a result.

Now you can add thousands of dollars back to your portfolio’s bottom line each year by choosing Smart Choice over your current costly investment firm. Whether you are accumulating wealth or concerned about taxes and an income in retirement, remember…it’s your money.

Suddenly your retirement plan’s odds of success can look a whole lot sunnier! We will work with you to achieve your goals without selling you products you don’t need.

Less is More!

Ever wonder if you could  pay less and get more efficient with your investment and insurance portfolios? Call Smart Choice today as the answers may surprise you!

Flat fee portfolio monitoring services saves you thousands each year.

Hourly rates billed at $200 an hour for project work.

Every portfolio is customized and every investor is unique, consequently fees may vary depending on time demands.

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